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Overdrive is a Sega Mega Drive demo released at the Evoke 2013 Demoparty where it won the 1st place in the alternative platform category. I joined the project just before the deadline, to help completing it in time.

With a bit more than 24 hours left before the deadline I arrived at the party place. Everyone who was working on this demo was busy trying to complete it. Mostly getting rid of small bugs, making small improvements and improving transitions. At the beginning I just played rubber duck for the other coders, not being familiar with the codebase, but that quickly turned into pair programming.

It was a lot of fun, and the release was a huge success. While I didn’t really contribute content wise, I was happy to help in the always very stressfull hours before the deadline.

You can download the ROM file from pou√ęt or watch a recording on YouTube below. There is also an interview about the development.