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Paradistance is a PC 4k intro released at the Evoke 2009 Demoparty where it won the 2nd place.

A screenshot showing shiny reflective objects

For those unfamiliar with the demoscene: It is a stand-alone windows executable that displays realtime graphic effects and music. All included in just 4096 bytes.

I coded the framework, shaders and synth. The music was made by SaxxonPike who was brave enough to work with my synth.

The scenes are described as signed distance functions which are then raymarched on the GPU. This had emerged as a standard techinque for 4k intros around the time.

What sets it apart from many other 4k raymarchers at the time, is a higher reflection depth, which means that it is possible to see reflections inside reflections.

You can download it from pouët. While it is a windows executable it works on wine with the virtual desktop setting is enabled in winecfg. Alternatively you can watch the recording on YouTube below, although that requires a bit more than 4096 bytes.