Overdrive 2

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Overdrive 2 is a Sega Mega Drive demo released at the Revision 2017 Demoparty where it won the 1st place in the alternative platform category. It also won the Meteoriks 2018 awards for outstanding technical achievement, best low-end production and a honorable mention for best soundtrack. It was released by the demo group Titan and I worked on it as one of the coders.

A screenshot showing part of the 3D scene for which I wrote the renderer.

After becoming somewhat familiar with the Mega Drive from the first Overdrive demo, I agreed to contribute an effect for the sequel. I decided to create an improved version of the polygon renderer I first developed for the WonderSwan demo Finally. There is a detailed writeup of that effect on my blog.

Apart from that I worked on various small details and transitions.

Kabuto, the lead coder on this project, also created a document containing a lot of newly discovered details about the hardware.

You can download the ROM file from pouët or watch a recording on YouTube below.